Good Hair Days Are Coming!

How’s your hair? Are you happy with the Style you have? The Cut? Does your color shine and have dimension to it? How’s the general condition of your hair?

Is it dry, dull, frizzy with split ends? Do you need a change? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions then we need to talk!

Let’s start with a Consultation. We can evaluate whats going on with your hair. Discover what you’d like your hair to look like. How much time you want to spend on your hair. We’ll look at some inspiration pictures and then let’s do it!

During the past year I’ve been doing online learning classes. Focusing on haircuts, color and pretty much anything hair. I’m particularly inspired with a technique I learned a few years ago and re-discovered called Sunlights Balayage.

Painting hair with many different results. It can be used on all lengths of hair and colors. Whether it’s adding color or decolorizing. Whether it’s Hi-lights or Balayage, it’s fun and the results are beautiful.

Take into consideration the products you are using on your hair. What you use the most will effect your hair the most and will effect the finish look of your style.

Call me for an appointment and let’s bring out the beauty that’s yours alone!

Have a good hair day!

Call for an appointment: 586.468.7131.